Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Pink Skies

VSL at night, UC delight;
VSL in morning, UC take warning!

I don't think my empty gut can handle a probiotic invasion - so PM dosage is preferable - when I don't take it at all ... total relapse. Not sure if I need it every night; looking for the happy interval.

I'm reading more about medication negatives, for both UC and C-Diff, but it's hard to find current articles on either topic. Here's one about the New C-Diff Bug.

"As it happens, [Fred Arthur Zar, MD] had been studying the best way to treat C. diff infection when the current epidemic broke out. In a clinical trial, he's been comparing the currently recommended treatment for C. diff -- the antimicrobial drug Flagyl -- with a powerful antibiotic called vancomycin.

Vancomycin is known to work against C. diff. But doctors have been reluctant to use it -- not only because it costs more, but also because it's the last line of defense against a number of other nasty infections. Once it's in common use, it's only a matter of time before many of these germs become vancomycin resistant."

Current epidemic?


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