Sunday, January 28, 2007

To Be Perfectly Candida

When I went to the Energy Center for my initial assessment on Friday, I did an arm extension muscle test. This technique allows the tester to identify areas of illness or weakness by pressing to guage the resistance of the outstretched arm while barely touching other areas of the body.

There seemed to be varying amounts of weakness in all four quadrants of my abdomen, but when she touched my bellybutton, my arm just dropped. That, she said, indicates a serious sugar problem.

I trust this practitioner completely; I have known her for years. We had a great 1.5 hour session, and I made an appointment to return to the Center this Thursday to pick up the set of 9 Standard Process Supplements prescribed for my particular imbalances. The foods will cleanse and heal from liver to colon and way beyond. And, it takes as long as it takes.

Evidently my insides are highly alkaline, so I was urged to take home a bottle of Phosfood® to balance pH and better metabolize the concentrated foods in the Supplements when I get them.

In related news ... I will be finishing the Flagyl around the same time I start this natural protocol; I look forward to this transition!


Blogger Lynn Barry said...

So, pushing on your belly button caused a reaction in your arm? When I suspected I had too much candida in my system I had sore spots in my tummy. I remember that. I did that spit into a glass of water first thing upon waking test to see if the saliva hung on top of the water, meaning too much candida.
So what do you do besides what you included in this post, avoid all forms of sugar and all fruit, things like that?
Good luck.

3:06 PM  

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