Wednesday, October 03, 2007

7 Month Followup

I finally saw my Gastroenterologist to check in and collect the last outstanding results from the tests I took in March. It is unknown whether GI conditions are the same today, but since I am feeling "better," I opted out of retesting at this point.

Earlier March tests indicate that my white blood cell count was extremely high; I've just learned that Candida was still overwhelmingly present as well. Yeast showed up on the Gram stain ... and grew abundantly on other samples. Vitamin D levels are still a concern.

My doctor describes how yeast can counteract inflammation; slowing bowel function and reducing diarrhea that might otherwise occur.

I detail my exquisitely disciplined menus and dining schedules; my use of peppermint tea to soothe inconvenient and long-lasting reactions to "SCD illegals" and the sporadic flare-ups that double me over. I mention the Standard Process nutrients, energy therapy and massage; all of the natural healing resources I am incredibly grateful for.

He affirms that I've a great job managing my UC with diet but asserts that I am certainly not in remission if I continue to have these episodes despite my attention to preventing them. He recommends trying some organic techniques and then retest and reconsider treatment protocol in 3 months. Although I do not want to do a maintenance medication, or lifetime protocol, I might just bite the bullet and get balanced before the risk of cancer outweighs the risk of dependency.

I'll take 50,000 I.U. or 1.25 grams of Vitamin D once a week and 1200 I.U. of Calcium daily (I chose a Calcium supplement with Zinc and Magnesium). These should help support digestive function and the ability of my autonomic immune system to relax after the "threat" of complex carbs (or stress, or hunger, or whatever) is dealt with. Probiotics are also on the shopping list. I am accepting recommendations ...


Anonymous Jilluck said...

Hi There- When I notice myself slipping into an "iffy" time my plan A is to eat lots of fish, spinach, and blueberries (all anti-inflammatory). I will also eat 2-3 cups of yogurt throughout the day. If that doesn't take care of business in a few days then I go back to the intro diet for a while e.g. chicken soup, strained yogurt or DCCC, very ripe bananas, etc. I will also juice/broth for a day or two. I take omega 3 fish oil every day along with vitamin D and probiotic suppliments. I must say however, that after a resection in 2006, if I felt like this was not taking care of things I would certainly go on medication to try and jump start myself back into remission. It is better to do that, in my opinion, than for things to get out of control (like they were for me last year). best of wishes!


8:45 PM  
Blogger NuttyMeatfruit said...

Thanks for the advice and support, Jilluck. Do you brew your own yogurt? Our local market just started carrying Fage Yogurt, which contains only milk and live cultures, and ferments for 15 hours. I'm trying to convince myself that's good enough :)

6:36 PM  
Blogger ~M said...

What about Bio-K, a yogurt-like probiotics mixture, or Kombucha? Good luck!

11:45 PM  

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