Monday, April 16, 2007

C-Diff Negative

Woo hoo! Long time-no blogging due to other obligations; I owe these results:

C-Diff = negative
Vitamin D = lower than it was in November; doubled supplement I.U.
Gram = positive for white blood cells
Gram = (still pending yeast result)

The most dramatic improvement is this ... red blood cell sedimentation rate was 36 on a normal range of 0-20 in November ... now it is only 3!

Because of the positive progress, my SP Candida protocol has been slightly modified to make way for some nutrients to support an over-active parasympathetic nervous system.


Blogger Lynn Barry said...

I have missed you too. Been wondering whatever happened to ya.
Sounds like good things. YAHOO~ HUGS

1:33 PM  
Blogger Karina said...

Congrats on the progress!

Vitamin D levels are notoroiusly low in spring [after a winter of no sun exposure].

I'm working with a new Naturopath who is exploring some similar issues. Interesting.

I've been off all sugar, yeast, flours, and fruits for three days. And feeling better.

Going gluten-free hasn't been quite enough for me, apparently.

Isn't life interesting!? ;-)

Take care,


10:43 AM  
Blogger NuttyMeatfruit said...

Thanks, Ladies!

Lynn, I'm so glad to find you still blogging cheerfully along :^D so positive, you!

Karina, I hope you need only a temporary reprieve from grain, sugar and starch! Food "Purism" feels great, but one sure misses her bread and potatoes; thick sauces and stews :) If it turns out you are indeed suffering from a bit of a Candida overgrowth (I'm sure your Naturopath has this aspect covered, but it bears repeating), beware the yeast "die-off" and make sure you're taking something like Black Radish to carry those bodies away. Best luck to you, friend.

12:40 PM  

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