Tuesday, January 01, 2008


A week or two after my 7 month followup, I had a fairly severe flare-up. I finally decided that the benefit of my SCD conversion cannot be fully realized if constantly impeded by inflammation. I consulted my primary care physician. She congratulated me on my success with reducing symptoms through diet and lifestyle change, but agreed most emphatically with my intention to try a prescription drug. She reminded me that chronic inflammation may increase one's risk of cancer, and that I am already in a higher-than-average risk category for my age. I swallowed my pride and made the call (I think admitting you need help is the First Step?). My Gastroenterologist called in Pentasa toute de suite.

Both doctors said that this anti-inflammatory shall allow me to eat "normally" without symptoms. SCD was compulsive, but is now optional.

I narrow my eyes and raise one brow. I resolve to stick to The Diet ... then I get brave.

I test the flora with former irritants such as soybean oil. No problem. Rice. Corn. I consume a bit of sugar, and ... I survive! There is nothing I can't eat! But I am conservative. I follow SCD guidelines most of the time (knowing that it is not effective without strict devotion).

The initial dosage seems to work immediately after consumption, but discomfort recurs before the next dose is due. After 4 weeks, he increases dosage by one pill. It works!

Then ... we approach Christmas. No treat is left unsampled.

I start losing sleep again around 26 December. I admit that I may have brought this gastric avalanche upon myself, but ... I was encouraged to eat "normally" and enjoy the full effect of this medicine. Perhaps it is simply not the right one for me. Or perhaps I just need to ride this one out and be kind to my system (read: cut the nasty complex carbohydrates).

Ouch. The saga continues.


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