Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Bloody H---!

If you have to BYOV[ials] to a Diagnostic/Lab Patient Service Center, you'd probably do best to drop them off at least one day before. I showed up, raring to roll (my sleeve), but the slow shake of the phlebotomist's head as she sized up my bag of boxes said it all ... I would simply have to come back after she'd had time to study the order.

That information would have been more timely had it been delivered the second I walked in the door; rather than a half hour into the Kindly Ol'Chatterbox & Snuffles McWheezy Waiting Room Variety Show.

Update 6 Nov: The vials in the box did not match the tests indicated on the requisition. No response from Prometheus.

Update 7 Nov: The Lab know knows what to draw and how, but I have to fast and come in at 7am tomorrow.


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