Monday, February 19, 2007


The excessive lead time for an appointment with my Gastroenterologist suggests that an O in Divination might be necessary. Sure, I feel OK now, but I might have trouble in a few months. Better call today! Sigh. Luckily all I need from the office at this point is reception of C.Diff results (sample to be submitted next week). I think I'll keep the June date, though. Just in case ...


Blogger BeanMa said...

Isn't that the worst?! Keep us posted on the C.Diff results... *fingers crossed*

9:11 PM  
Blogger Lynn Barry said...

I have to share that the other day my hubby was staring at my toes and he says LOOK! I looked down and he pointed out that my big toes used to be quite yellow in color and they are not anymore and he thinks it is all the foods I avoid making a difference in my insides and I agree. I think I had a huge yeast problem and it is less now...makes it all worth it.
But it is a long haul...chin are doing mahvelous, my dear. HUGS

8:57 AM  

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