Friday, January 18, 2008

Eight Legged Dream

I am chasing a slippery, malicious, pinkish-purple octopus around my house. One minute he is cradled in my arms, the next, gone. I search the baseboards, the cabinets. I venture to a dirt-floor basement (this is not my house) and wait to catch some movement among dusty boxes and crumpled blankets. It finally occurs to me that it may have simply gone. I tell myself to accept that it is gone, and that I must try to go on with life without the fear that it may be lurking.

If dreams have meaning, what is this about?

Does this squishy mass of arms represent my intestines?; does the elusive nature of it mean the disease is gone, or is simply hidden?

Related fact: Octopi creep me out, big time.

Some Web results ...

"OCTOPUS - symbolizes the spirits of the Underworld and mysterious otherworldly forces."

"OCTOPUS emotional entanglement
OCTOPUS emotionally engrossed
OCTOPUS hands everywhere"

"The sea octopus represents a chaotic, eight-legged vortex of flesh and confusion. If you see one in a dream, it may be a sign that you should avoid careless infatuations or juggling relationships. If you are eating an octopus, you have recently put a period of romantic turmoil behind you."

"The eight legs, with their suction cups, can represent clinginess or grabbiness. They can change color like a chameleon, and so can represent changing moods. They can inspire fear in some people, and fascination in others."

"To see an octopus in your dream, signifies that you are entangled in some difficult matter or situation. Or it may mean that you are overly possessive and too clingy in a relationship."

Curious, no?


This is the most adorable octopus ever. Handmade in rural Kenya. I was going to post a photo at the top of this post, but was too freaked out by Google's image results. I refined my search to "octopus toy" and came up with this knit sweetie.


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