Wednesday, July 04, 2007

First Time

"I must tell you, this hurts my hips," I confessed, laying face-down as instructed. He said, "yes, I can see. They should be--" he carefully pressed them down and to the side "over here. They are twisted."

On Tuesday I saw a Licensed Massage Therapist for the first time. He was recommended by my Mind-Body Energy Therapist when I sang her the achy-leg-blues, so I felt I could let myself relax into capable hands.

I was born with a hip/leg defect that was “corrected” with a DB bar soon after I started walking*; I have had sacroiliac issues since my teens: It is not shocking to hear that my hips are not the epitome of perfect alignment. As he dug at the pain, he pronounced a lot of what has become known to me in recent years: first and second chakras are bound; I have a “low flow” energy system. To remedy these conditions, he carefully coaxed and lengthened a tightly knotted root so that grounding might occur; he reminded me to be aware of the energy that is drawn and expelled from feet firmly planted.

My heels still ache at the end of the day, but I do feel refreshed; legs are loosened, hips are quiet … I am connected and connecting. I must meditate on energetic cleansing and re-charging at the end of every day. It's not called energy work for nothing!

*My sister did not appreciate this treatment, and how it limited my capacity to play. She used to unhook me (and probably got in trouble for doing so)! Ah, always with the best intentions.