Monday, February 25, 2008


It seems to be consensus among my medical care providers that the discomfort I feel stems not from a disease of the GI tract - UC is healed with diet and energy therapy.

Unfortunately, I continue to have bowel symptoms - somewhat improved with the new probiotic, but present still. Am I back at the beginning, with a catch-all IBS diagnosis?

Is it allergies? My neck and jaw itch from time-to-time. Blood results showed very low intolerance for pecans and white rice; I wasn't advised to do skin pricks or further testing at that time.

I keep trying to go a day without nuts, but I break down in the late afternoon when I crave a crunchy protein with my coffee! Could coffee be the culprit (gasp!)? I shall ask my Primary about an Exclusion Diet and if she thinks it's right for me.