Friday, February 02, 2007

Mind-Body Therapy

At my appointment, I asked "what do I call you?", looking for a title or description. I call her "healer" in the previous post, but she has so many degrees (M.A.C.P., R.N., C.S., EFT-ADV., and such an extensive and diverse professional background, I feel like "healer" somehow diminishes or improperly defines the depth of her ability.

She answered "[firstname]." Then she said, "I usually tell people I am a nurse psychotherapist with advanced training in mind-body medicine." Mind-body therapist works for me.

I am not sure why I didn't ask for a label years ago; it will make explaining the importance of her work to people completely unfamiliar with alternative treatments much easier.

That hour was fabulous, but I drove hundreds of miles today ... more detail after I rest.

Like Chocolate

I have a real edge-of-something-wonderful feeling this morning as I head out to my appointment with the healer. She said that I could pick up my supplements at 10 and that she would give me some instructions to feel not-so-crazy while I am there. At the end of a super-eventful week, those words are like chocolate.