Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Worth a Mint

Black coffee has all but lost its appeal. My relationship with it is now strictly as-needed--just a shadow of the former desperate dependency.

Ingredients often associated with soothing intestinal discomfort are ginger, licorice, mint, and fennel - when I found this out, I quickly took up a tea habit. Now I drink several cups of herbal or decaf Chai daily. A spicy blend is great in the morning; daisies like echinacea and chamomile are enjoyed occasionally; lemon-ginger is a good post-lunch pick-me-up. Ingredients to avoid for SCD-compliance: natural flavor (often soy-based) and barley malt. Malt is sometimes hidden.

My favorite all-occasion tea is mint. There must be hundreds of different brands and blends - I have only tried a few: Lipton (very good!), Yogi (Organic Mint - they have other mints I want to sample, like Egyptian Licorice), Stash (peppermint and cascade mint); but there are so many yet to try, and they're so easy to obsessively stockpile acquire.